August 19, 2017

Charged with Unarmed Burglary

Worcester Superior Court

Client a 23 year old Worcester, MA man was charged with Unarmed Burglary, Larceny From a Building, Receiving Stolen Property, Breaking Into a Depository, and Delivering Alcohol to a Minor.  The client had a criminal history that included prior convictions and committed time.  Client and numerous youths attended a house party of a fifteen year old girl whose parents had gone on vacation.  The young girl hosted several parties at her parent’s luxurious home in Shrewsbury while they were away and the client was alleged to have provided alcohol to underage people on at least one of those occasions.  When the parents returned home they discovered that a safe containing $60,000.00 in cash, gift cards worth $10,000.00 and jewelry valued at $80,000.00 had been stolen from the house.

Client and several others were alleged to have stolen the safe and jewelry and pawned, spent and otherwise disposed of all of the stolen items.  Five other co-defendants were also charged in the case and the evidence was voluminous.  Attorney Riddle was able to establish that the search warrant executed on his client’s car was faulty due to a failure by the police to specify the items to be searched within the car in the warrant application.  Other co-defendants were similarly successful in suppressing evidence that had wrongfully been obtained by the police.

Had the matter gone to trial the homeowner’s were in the precarious position of having to explain how and why they had all this cash and valuables in their possession.  After approximately one year of fighting and negotiating for the client Attorney Riddle was able to convince the District Attorney’s office to dismiss all charges against his client except for one count of Larceny from a Building and he was placed on probation for a period of two years.  Four out of five charges dismissed and client placed on probation.

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