August 19, 2017

Charged with Larceny and Forgery in Worcester Superior Court

Worcester Superior Court

Client a 29 year old resident of Worcester, MA was directly indicted by the Worcester County Grand Jury on two counts of Larceny Over $250.00 by Single Scheme and two counts of Uttering a Forged Instrument.  The client’s former spouse who was represented by separate counsel also faced similar charges.

The client’s ex-wife worked for a corporation as the bookkeeper.  The wife began creating false ledgers in the bookkeeping system and then writing forged checks to the client, which he would cash, as well as to her landlord and to herself.  In all, the parties stole over $82,000.00 in money from the corporation.

After thoroughly examining the paper trail it was apparent that it was not a strong case to take to trial.  At that point Attorney Damian Riddle worked tirelessly to present the client’s case in the best light to the District Attorney’s office including an offer to pay back restitution to the corporation.  Despite Attorney Riddle’s efforts the D.A.’s office wanted the client to serve 1-3 years in state prison.

Attorney Damian Riddle and the client decided to tender an un-agreed upon plea to a Worcester Superior Court Judge and present the client in the most favorable light to the Court.  During the plea the Commonwealth asked for 1-3 years in state prison and Attorney Riddle asked for straight probation on all counts.  The client had no prior record and was terrified of going to prison.

After plea the Court imposed a period of probation on all counts with an order to pay a set amount of restitution each month.  The client was very happy.