August 19, 2017

Charged with Assault & Battery in Leominster MA

Leominster District Court
Result: Case Dismissed

Client a 56 year old woman from Leominster, MA was charged with one count of Assault and Battery.

The client had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend one week earlier and charged with Assault and battery. Attorney Riddle was able to convince the District Attorney’s office to dismiss the case.

Approximately eight days later the client and her boyfriend got into another fight and the client was again arrested for Assault and Battery. This time the District Attorney’s office refused to dismiss the case against the client.

Attorney Damian Riddle planned to try the case on a self-defense theory that the boyfriend had pushed the client first before she punched and scratched him in the face. On the day of trial the alleged victim did not appear and the Court Dismissed the case.

Case Dismissed.