August 19, 2017

Charged with Possession of Drugs | Holden MA Criminal Defense Attorneys

Leominster District Court

Client a 26 year old woman from Rutland, MA was charged with one count of Possession of a Class A Substance, Heroin.

Holden police approached the vehicle the client was riding in as a passenger, while her mother was the driver.  The police approached the vehicle based on suspicion of criminal activity, which amounted to nothing more than a hunch.  Police began to question the client’s mother who was in the driver’s seat.
Police made observations that the client was moving around more than normal inside the vehicle and that the driver’s pupils appeared to be constricted as if she were under the influence of a narcotic.  The driver finally admitted that there were syringes in the vehicle and a small bag of heroin.  The driver stated that she was the only one using heroin.

Police arrested both mother and daughter and charged the mother with multiple offenses.  In consultation with the District Attorney, Attorney Damian Riddle was able to convince the Commonwealth that they simply did not have enough evidence against the client to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she knew the drugs were in the car and that she had the ability to exercise dominion and control over them.

Result: Case Dismissed.