Charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B substance

Gardener District Court

Client a 36 year old man from Hudson, MA was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B substance and Possession of a Class B substance.

Police executed search warrants on a co-defendant’s home and the client’s vehicle. Prior to executing the warrants the police followed the client and his co-defendant and observed them conducting hand to hand sales of drugs in the Fitchburg area.

Upon executing the warrants the police found crack cocaine and other indicia of distribution. The client also made incriminating statements admitting to sales and a joint enterprise with the co-defendant.

The client had previously served an 8-15 year state prison sentence on an armed assault with intent to kill charge and an 8-10 year prison sentence on an Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon charge. The client had done an impeccable job on parole and for many years after parole. Unfortunately the client started using crack cocaine again after many years of sobriety.

Attorney Damian Riddle aggressively lobbied the District Attorney’s office to Dismiss the serious felony charge of Possession with Intent to Distribute, which they eventually agreed to, and the client agreed to be placed on probation on the misdemeanor charge of simple possession. The client originally thought he was headed back to jail or state prison for a long time and instead he ended up on probation for a misdemeanor charge and a condition to remain drug free. The client was thrilled.

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