August 23, 2017

Child Support & Modifications

Worcester County Child Support and Modifications

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At Riddle & Associates our role is to make sure your children are provided for and that you are treated fairly in the child support process.

Based in Fitchburg we represent both custodial parents and non-custodial parents throughout Worcester County. We invite you to contact our law office today for a in office consultation by appointment.

Initial Determination of Child Support

Child support is a regular payment from one parent to the other after a divorce or separation. It provides for the daily expenses of raising a child, and may include day care and health insurance expenses. Child support is determined as part of a divorce settlement, or in cases involving children out of wedlock, paternity must be established before child support can be imposed. The amount of child support is based on the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.  Unless the parties have shared legal custody, then the guidelines do not apply.

Our child support attorneys can provide an accurate calculation of expected payments, and bring any reasons for deviating from the state guidelines to the court’s attention.

Worcester County Child Support Attorneys.Call the Fitchburg and Leominster child support and modifications lawyers at Riddle & Associates at 978-342-2254.

Modification of Child Support

If either parent has experienced a substantial change in income, the other parent can petition to modify the level of support. This could include a raise or promotion, or a decrease in earnings or unemployment. Child support modification can also be sought if the financial burden of raising the child increases. Our lawyers will help you make your case before the family court judge.

Child Support Enforcement

If the other parent is not meeting child support obligations, contact Riddle & Associates for help in compelling the other parent to fulfill their court ordered duties. Massachusetts laws provide several remedies, including contempt of court proceedings, wage garnishment, and bank liens, to collect unpaid child support.

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