Assault and Battery in Leominster MA

Leominster District Court

Client a 50 year old resident of Leominster, MA was charged with one count of Assault and Battery against his step son who was also charged with Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon against the client.

The step son, who was highly intoxicated, began an argument with my client when he came home.  The two parties began to fight and the client threw the first punch causing the step son’s face to bleed profusely.  The step son became so enraged he grabbed a knife and threatened the client and chased him out of the residence.

Attorney Damian Riddle planned to present a self-defense argument at the client’s trial.  However, prior to trial both parties indicated they would invoke their 5th Amendment Rights and not testify at trial.  After consultation with defense counsel for the step son and the District Attorney the Commonwealth decided that without the parties testimony they had no evidence to proceed further with at trial and dismissed the case.

Result: Dismissed

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