Choosing the Right Drunk Driving Defense Attorney – Because Everyone Makes Mistakes Sometimes

The consumption of alcohol has been around since almost the beginning of time. Even in ancient times wine was a favorite beverage. Alcohol is so popular, songs have been written about it. But one thing they didn’t have back in the days of Roman empires and ruthless kings were automobiles. If one had too much to drink they didn’t worry about driving while under the influence. But in today’s world driving after a few drinks is a crime. But everyone makes mistakes sometimes and one day you may innocently find yourself looking up drunk driving defense attorneys.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or above. People often ask how many drinks that percentage equals but there is no simple answer. BAC will depend on many factors such as: the weight of the drinker, when, how much and if any food has been consumed to absorb the alcohol, the length of time over which the drinks were consumed, and in the case of a charge of OUI/DUI/DWI Drugs, whether or not any illegal or prescription medications are being used. If you weigh 100 pounds two or three drinks may put you over the legal limit. However, your drinking buddy who weighs 180 pounds and ate a large meal could possibly consume up to 4 or 5 drinks over a period of time before being considered legally intoxicated. By the same token, a third friend who weighs 300 pounds and is on a prescription medication may be deemed to be under the influence after one alcoholic beverage.

Knowing how much your body can consume before being considered over the limit is the key to responsibly enjoying a fun, relaxing evening without fear of breaking the law. But even good people with normally sound judgment make mistakes sometimes and go over the legal limit. If this has happened to you than you know how scary being charged with an OUI/DUI can be. Finding the best, most experienced drunk driving defense attorney will be needed to help you resolve your case.

If you’ve been charged with OUI/DUI/DWI in Massachusetts please contact us today so that we can help you find the right attorney for your needs.

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