Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a confidential and effective process for many couples to divorce

Mediation is a process that helps all parties communicate effectively as they clarify information, better understand each other’s perspectives, develop possible alternatives, explore consequences, and make decisions. The Mediator will not make decisions about right and wrong or determine how to resolve the conflict.

An amicable way to move forward.

Couples get divorced for a reason. Once it is clear that this is to be their path, the focus should turn to the present and to tomorrow, rather than yesterday.

One of the strongest arguments in favor or mediation is that the final outcome remains in the hands of those who will live with that outcome, the parties themselves. Some judges believe that they have ruled best if both parties are unhappy. Mediation being based on a willingness to compromise affords the parties the opportunity to choose what is most important to that party so instead of both parties being unhappy, both are satisfied for having received the results most important to that party.

Less stress and better for the children.

Perhaps the most important benefit of mediation is that the mediation is not war. The reduction in stress from mediating instead of litigating is the healthiest route for the litigants and their children. If the split is civil today, it will be easier to focus on themselves and support their kids. Parents can still enjoy being in the same room and can share their kids’ birthdays, graduations and weddings. Rather than live in the past – which each spouse is getting divorced to escape – focus on tomorrow, which is the reason you’re getting divorced….so tomorrow can be better.

Mediation is a confidential process.

The Mediator will not reveal anything discussed in mediation without permission from all parties. We understand that your divorce is a very personal matter.  Your discussion is kept in strictest confidence. We have the mediation experience and knowledge to handle all issues related to your divorce.

Call us to learn more about our mediation process.

If you are considering divorce, mediation may be an appropriate alternative to litigation. Please call our office to speak with an attorney and explore if divorce mediation is suitable for you.

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