Asset and Property Division

Dividing Marital Property and Protecting Your Fair Share

Property division is often the most contentious subject in divorce. When emotions or the need to “get even” drive the proceedings, it is easy to get drawn into a legal battle that only drains resources and drags out the process. Our attorneys are committed to resolving conflicts over marital assets without sacrificing your rightful share.

The division of your marital property.

The legal characterization of assets becomes complicated when assets are co-mingled during marriage. For example, one spouse provides a down payment for a house before marriage, but both contribute to the monthly mortgage. The accrued equity in the home is divided, but is the down payment separate property? How about a business that thrived, or the growth of retirement investments during marriage? Our divorce lawyers have extensive experience in these complex marital property division issues, and we will fight to ensure you receive your share.

Our divorce attorneys are also skilled at determining the value of assets and negotiating creative agreements, such as trade-offs allowing one spouse to keep the marital home.

Protect your property division rights.

Make sure you receive what you are entitled to under the law. Consult an experienced divorce attorney who can safeguard your interests while keeping the process going and avoiding expensive litigation.

If you are considering divorce or have an issue with property division in your divorce, contact our office to speak with an experienced attorney.