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Client a 52 year old man from Fitchburg, MA was charged with larceny over $250.00.

The client was charged with stealing a dog while he was at a local hospital.  The client went to the hospital to pick up some MRI film and bring it to Worcester to have it reviewed by another physician.  It was a cold day in December and the client encountered the small pug dog shivering outside the hospital.  When the client opened the door to enter the hospital the dog ran in.  After client picked up his film and before leaving he was asked by hospital staff to remove the dog from the building because it was running around barking.  The client picked up the dog and brought it back outside and put it down, then got in his vehicle and left.  Client never saw the dog again.

The owner of the dog who lived near the hospital reported the dog missing and talked to various people at the hospital.  Ultimately hospital security discovered video surveillance of a man leaving the hospital with the dog under his arm and walking out of range of the camera.  After an investigation it was discovered the man in the video was the client.

The government had no other evidence other than video surveillance of my client walking out of the hospital with the dog.  On the day the case was scheduled for trial the Court dismissed the case due to a lack of evidence and an inability of the Commonwealth to prove their case.

Case Dismissed.

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