How do I get my ex-wife removed from my Leominster house deed?

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I have been divorced for 9 years and as part of the separation agreement, I got the house in Leominster, MA. How do I get my ex-wife removed from my house deed? One of our lawyers was supposed to take care of this but it never happened. I have contacted my lawyer numerous times over the years to no avail. What do I need to do to get this taken care of?


A new deed needs to be drafted stating that you and your ex wife deed the property over to you individually.  If you are unable to get in contact with your former attorney then most attorneys are capable of drafting a new deed.  We charge a nominal fee of $100.00 to draft a new deed.  Once the deed is drafted your ex wife will need to sign it and then it will need to be recorded at the registry of deeds.  The registry charges a small fee to record the document.  The divorce agreement or judgment should discuss in detail how all of of this should be accomplished, but it may not.  If your ex wife refuses to sign the new deed then you should consult an attorney experienced in probate and family court matters.  Your ex-wife would likely be found in contempt for failure to sign the new deed and you may be entitled to attorneys fees and costs spent pursuing the contempt.  The attorneys at Riddle & Associates are experienced in probate and family court matters and would be happy to address any legal issues you may have.

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