I have a drug case pending aganist me the charge is possesion w intent to distrubute marijuanna in a school zone

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I am also being charged stemming from this arrest with possession of a firearm and ammunition on a search of a residence that is not mine but an ex girlfriends the massachusetts state police working with police from arizona were informed of packages believed to have marijauna in them being shipped from az to ma.  I have a co defendent in the case the packages where not addressed to me nor did I receive them and no I was not living at the address the package was shipped to I have no convictions which would go against me except driving offense all misdemeanor after the alleged packages where received they allegedly observed me and another party arrive at the address where the other party allegedly had a what appered to be a empty duffel bag when entering and a full one when exiting they made a controlled stop from malden to somerville in a school zone where the other party was driving a car that did not belong to me I was a passenger they went almost directly for the trunk where they allegedly sized 4 or 5 sealed bags of what is believed to be marijuanna


Sounds like a good case for you. Unless the police have other information that they included in a search or arrest warrant that you are not aware of or have not mentioned. The biggest problem for the government is how they prove you possessed these items or intended to distribute them. Sounds to me like you were merely present when this took place and that is not enough to convict you. I may be contacted through my website if you wish to consult on this matter.

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