Leominster DUI/OUI Lawyer

Attorney Damian Riddle defends motorists charged with OUI in Leominster. If you have been charged with DUI OUI in Leominster it will be in your best interest to speak with an experienced drunk driving defense attorney right away.

Contact Attorney Riddle if you are scheduled to appear in Leominster District Court because you have been charged with OUI. Attorney Riddle  is dedicated to helping individuals throughout the Leominster area who have been charged with OUI fight their case, including the communities of;

  • Fitchburg
  • Gardner
  • Leominster

In many cases, those charged with OUI are subject to unfair field sobriety tests and over-zealous police officers. A successful defense of an OUI case begins with a thorough investigation of all evidence including police reports, viewing the area where the field sobriety tests took place, the roadway where any traffic violation occurred, and looking at any cruiser camera and booking videos. Many counties within Worcester video tape the booking which can be a powerful defense in some cases. Often the booking video shows an accused appearing to have good balance, acting polite and responding to all of the officer’s questions which sometimes contradicts and undermines the officer’s police report.

If you have been charged with an OUI in Leominster, call Attorney Riddle to learn your options and to discuss how to best prepare your defense for your Worcester DUI charge.

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