Operating Under the Influence Charges

East Brookfield District Court

Client a 36 year old CT man was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Liquor, 2nd Offense and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

The client fell asleep in his car at 1:30 AM while in the drive though line at McDonalds, with his foot on the brake.  The manager of McDonalds called police who responded to the scene with an ambulance.  According to the testimony at trial the client admitted to coming from a gentlemen’s club; admitted to having more to drink than he probably should have; was unsteady on his feet; and failed all of the field sobriety tests.

Attorney Riddle presented evidence at trial that the client was a veteran and had been out that night to celebrate with a fellow soldier who was being deployed the next morning.  Evidence was also presented that the client had been having difficulty with the mother of his children in the Probate Court, which was causing him to lose sleep and he was extremely tired that evening.  Attorney Riddle also presented the booking video of his client, which showed he was polite, steady on his feet and did not slur his speech.

Client was found Not Guilty of both counts after a jury trial.  Attorney Riddle filed a Motion after trial for the Court to reinstate the client’s license immediately, which the Court allowed.

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