Possession of Class D Substance

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Client a 19 year old Littleton, MA man was charged with Possession of Class D Substance With Intent to Distribute.

The client had been at a local swimming hole on a hot day and was walking back to his car when he was confronted by police.  Police alleged he consented to a search of his bag, which contained approximately one half ounce of marijuana.  The client accompanied police back to his vehicle so he could show them his license.  Police allege the client started making furtive movements around his truck so they searched his entire vehicle.

Inside the truck police found boxes of sandwich bags consistent with packaging of drugs, multiple different containers containing varying amounts of marijuana, cash, a bowl, a bong, a grinder, a scale and various other items.

Attorney Riddle filed a Motion to Suppress the search of the truck and a Motion to Dismiss the case.  After hearing the Judge denied both motions.  However, Attorney Riddle aggressively pursued the case and convinced the Commonwealth that they were never going to prove to a jury that the client had the intent to distribute the marijuana and that it would be a waste of the Commonwealth’s resources to try the case.  Given the passage of Question 2 a popular ballot referendum, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is now a civil infraction, unless the Commonwealth can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person had the intent to distribute the drugs.

The Commonwealth agreed to Dismiss the case on the payment of $300.00 in cash.

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