Served with a harassment prevention order

Fitchburg District Court

Client a 24 year old man from New Ipswitch, NH was served with a harassment prevention order pursuant to G.L. c. 258E by a former girlfriend.

At the hearing the former girlfriend testified that the client walked by her at the local mall and called her a slut while she was with her 5 year old daughter.  In support of her request the former girlfriend also testified about several harassing incidents that allegedly occurred over a year earlier.

On cross examination Attorney Riddle elicited from the former girlfriend that: prior to this alleged incident at the mall she had not had any contact with the client in over a year; that the relationship ended about two and one half years ago; that the client terminated the relationship; that the parties had broken up more than once and that the client ended the relationship each time; that the former girlfriend sent the client a letter after one of the breakups in which she apologized for her behavior during their relationship, that she was drinking alcohol heavily, and that she knew he had gone out on a date with another woman and threatened that if she found out who the other woman was she would make sure she would be eating through a feeding tube; and that once the relationship finally ended the former girlfriend reached out to the client’s current girlfriend who she had never met in an effort to break them up.

All of this evidence established that the former girlfriend was upset over the breakup of the relationship and has a pattern of engaging in behavior designed to try and get even or make the client pay for breaking up with her.

Attorney Riddle had another witness present at the hearing prepared to testify that the client never called the former girlfriend a slut at the mall.  However, after Attorney Riddle’s cross examination of the former girlfriend the Judge declined to issue the harassment prevention order against the client and determined that he did not need to hear any more evidence.

RESULT: Court refused to issue harassment prevention order.

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