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Client a 34 year old man from Stow, MA was charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (also referred to as OUI, DUI, and DWI), leaving the scene of property damage, operating a motor vehicle after suspension and open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

The client was involved in a motor vehicle accident while exiting the highway and struck a state highway sign on the side of the road.  A witness observed the client get out of his car, assess the damage and get back in and drive away.  The police found the client in the parking lot of a business down the street.

Police stated that the client was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and red bloodshot eyes.  The client admitted to having one drink earlier in the day and the police observed two bottles of alcohol in his vehicle.  One bottle of Captain Morgan’s had been opened, the other a bottle of vodka remained sealed.  Police also found multiple prescription bottles in the defendant’s vehicle and he admitted to taking some of his medication earlier in the day.

The client consented to performing some field sobriety tests, but told the officers he suffered from a disease, which affected the movement of his legs and so police opted not to administer the tests.  Client elected to take a breathalyzer test and registered a reading of .06 and .07, below the legal limit.  Police argued that clearly the client had mixed alcohol and medication and was under the influence of a combination of alcohol and prescribed medications.  Some of the medication bottles did indicate that they should not be mixed with alcohol.

Attorney Riddle negotiated a plea agreement for the client on the leaving the scene and operating after suspension charges, whereby the client received unsupervised probation for 6 months and a continuance without a finding.  The client was found not responsible on the open container charge.  Attorney Riddle then conducted a jury waived trial on the remaining count of operating under the influence or OUI or DUI or DWI charge.

The client was found Not Guilty on the operating under the influence or OUI or DUI or DWI charge and received unsupervised probation on the other two counts.

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