Unlawful Police Search in Leominster Drug Charges

Leominster District Court Client a 28 year old man from Templeton, MA was charged with possession of a class B substance. The client had a newborn at home and had been working a lot of overtime at work.  While driving to work early one morning the client fell asleep and struck a tree in his vehicle.  The police arrived and immediately began searching the client’s vehicle.  Police discovered some cocaine in a one hitter located in the center console of the vehicle along with some empty cut corner baggies containing a white residue. The police maintained that they needed to tow the car and thus were conducting a lawful inventory search.  Attorney Riddle had some evidence that the police did not follow the policy exactly as it was written and were really conducting an unlawful pretext search. Attorney Riddle filed a Motion to Suppress the search and drugs that were
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