What will happen on a 2nd offense?

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Recently I received a summons to court for uninsured unregistered motor vehicle in MA. about 2 years ago the same thing had occured and it was dissmissed and I payed court costs. this time we were in the process of moving and are not quite sure if we ever received the notification. the car is registered to my husband and also insured through him. I was on the highway doing the speed limit at 11 at night and the cruiser flew past me..further up the road he had pulled over and I pulled into the left lane to pass by him and then moved back when I was by and he pulled out and put his lights on and pulled me over. I was unaware of what I had done wrong at the time and he proceeded to tell me of this problem.. the car go towed and we fixed the problem within 48 hours. What will happen?


If the first case was dismissed a couple years ago, then it should not be charged as a subsequent or “second” offense, it should only be charged as a first. Since you fixed the problem within 48 hours there is a very good chance the case could be dismissed with court costs again. Bring proof of the registration and insurance to court with you and tell the court you plan to represent yourself and would like to speak with the district attorney and try and resolve the matter that day. After signing a waiver and speaking with the D.A. if you are not happy with their recommendation you can always request another court date to hire a lawyer.

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