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Client a 21 year old woman from Leominster, MA was charged with one count of assault and battery.

The client was involved in an argument with the father of her child after he dropped the child off at her house accompanied by his new girlfriend.  The client became upset because she was familiar with the new girlfriend and knew her to have lost custody of her child and to be a drug addict.  The client did not want her child to be exposed to the new girlfriend with good reason.

During a verbal argument the client began punching the father of her child in the face and fractured his nose.  He received treatment at a local hospital confirming the fracture.  The man reported the assault to the police.  The client admitted to punching the man and was placed under arrest.

Attorney Riddle presented a very different picture to the Assistant District Attorney based on his discussions with the client.  The client had been the victim of physical abuse by the father of her child on a number of occasions.  The man had a violent temper and a history of abusing her, which she never reported to authorities.  During the argument the client felt cornered and threatened by him and struck him in self-defense.

Attorney Riddle spent a great deal of time with the client weighing the risks and rewards of taking the case to trial.  Attorney Riddle was able to negotiate getting the client Pre Trial Probation pursuant to M.G.L. c. 276, s. 87, whereby the client did not make any admission that she did anything wrong, she simply agreed to voluntarily be placed on unsupervised probation for six months.  As long as she stays out of trouble for that time the case will be dismissed.  If, however, she gets rearrested or charged with a new offense all that happens is the case gets restored to the trial list.  The client would still have the opportunity to have a trial on the case and she has not waived any rights.

The client was very happy to receive Pre Trial Probation in this case given the extent of the injury to the alleged victim and not having to worry about going through a trial and risk being convicted.

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