Worcester Armed Robbery Defense Case – Attorney Riddle

Worcester Superior Court

Client a 26 year old man from Winchester, NH was charged with one count of accessory after the fact to armed robbery pursuant to MGL c. 274, s.4.

The client was sharing a motel room with two other males and two females in Leominster, MA. The two other males robbed a local bank and fled with several thousand dollars back to the motel room where the client and one of the females remained. Parenthetically, the two other males had also recently robbed a bank in NH and warrants had been issued for their arrests.

Within an hour the police knocked on the motel room door of the client. The female that remained in the room answered the door and told the police that no one else was in the room and consented to police entry into the room. At that time the client appeared from the back of the motel room and complied with police commands.

Police quickly discovered the two bank robbers hiding in the back of the motel room along with the stolen money and several articles of clothing which were identified by bank tellers. The bank robbers further admitted their roles to police.

The client was indicted by the Commonwealth under an accessory after the fact theory that he harbored, concealed, maintained or assisted one or both of the bank robbers.

Attorney Riddle filed a motion to dismiss the indictment and an accompanying memorandum of law arguing that the Commonwealth presented insufficient evidence to the grand jury for an indictment. On the day of the hearing on the motion to dismiss, the Commonwealth acknowledged Attorney Riddle’s motion should be allowed and filed a Nolle Prosequi, which is an entry of a dismissal of the indictment, citing a lack of evidence. The client faced a maximum potential penalty of seven years in prison.

Case Dismissed

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