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Client a 42 year old man from Worcester, MA was charged with shoplifting third offense and possession of a class E substance.

The client was authorized to pick up his mother’s medication(oxycodone)from a pharmacy and did so.  After picking up the medication client and a co-defendant were observed to be in the parking lot of the pharmacy and crushing up the medication and snorting it from a straw in their vehicle.  Two employees who allegedly witnessed this conduct called the police.

Police approached the vehicle and allegedly observed the client counting his mothers pills and saw in plain view some drug paraphernalia.  Officers pat frisked the client and discovered some items on him they believed to have been shoplifted from the store.  No witness at any time observed client to shoplift any items.  Subsequent to the client being arrested the police returned the medication to the client’s mother.

Attorney Riddle argued to the District Attorney on the day of trial that the Commonwealth had no drugs to prove their case against the client because their evidence had already been returned to the client’s mother.  Attorney Riddle further argued that the Commonwealth did not have a single witness or video surveillance to prove the client had shoplifted the items.  When the case was called for trial the Commonwealth agreed to Dismiss the case against the client completely.

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