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Worcester Superior Court

April 28, 2011

Client a 20 year old Worcester, MA man was charged with one count of home invasion, one count of breaking and entering in the daytime with intent to commit a felony and placing a person in fear, and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The client was charged with these offenses under a joint venture theory.  Client was part of a large group of young men who accompanied their friend to a residence to watch his back while he was supposed to engage in a one on one fight with a another young man who lived at the residence.  When the group of young men arrived at the residence several family members were expecting the group and armed themselves with various weapons.  A confrontation quickly ensued and the client and the group he was with picked up a bike and threw it through a storm window causing glass to fly and cutting the leg of one of the victims.  Another member of the group picked up a rock and threw it at the victims.  The client and another codefendant then were alleged to have stormed the house breaking and entering through the smashed door and committing a home invasion and further assaulting occupants inside the dwelling with a shovel handle.  The client was also struck over the head with a bat during the affray and received a large gash to his head which had to be closed with multiple staples.  One of the victims also received medical treatment for various lacerations and contusions.

Attorney Riddle took the case over from another lawyer after that attorney client relationship broke down and after the case had been going on for almost two years.  The client faced a minimum 20 year state prison sentence on the home invasion charge alone and 10 year state prison sentences each on the remaining charges.  Attorney Riddle worked tirelessly on the case for a year engaging in extensive discovery into the facts of the case as well as the lives of the alleged victims.  Attorney Riddle also worked very closely with his client in an effort to present the client in the best light possible.

The client was a semi-professional football player with close family ties, a history of employment and prospects of becoming a professional football player.  Attorney Riddle was ultimately able to convince the District Attorney’s office that the case should be resolved short of a trial and the most serious charge of home invasion should be dismissed.  The Commonwealth agreed and dismissed the home invasion charge carrying a minimum 20 year state prison sentence.  Attorney Riddle was then able to convince the Court and the probation department that the client should be placed on unsupervised probation for a period of three years on the remaining counts.  The District Attorney’s office sought a period of incarceration, which the Court decided not to impose.  As a result of this disposition the client is able to pursue his goal of becoming a professional football player and not face any period of incarceration.

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